Life Is EL - The Teaser                    

Life Is EL - Living and working under and around the elevated train tracks in New York City

Written and filmed by:  Mark Goldberg
Produced by:  AVS Production Company
Directed by: Yasunori Tanaka
Edited and Composed by:  Ethan Startzman


LIFE IS EL is a documentary I wrote that will explore all aspects of living and doing business under and around the elevated train tracks in New York City.  There are thousands,  maybe close to a million residents and businesses that are located under or in very close proximity to one of the elevated train tracks in the City of New York.  All five boroughs of the city have areas where New York City Transit,  or other train systems run above ground.  Some are a small stretch, as is the 4/5/6 around 96th Street in Manhattan.  Some have stations that are among the highest in the world as is the case with the Smith-9th Street station.  The film will study the physical, economic, social, environmental and medical problems that arise as of a result of living around or working and doing business under or near an elevated train that is busy 24/7/365 (in most cases.) It will also explore the past, present and future of these elevated train tracks.

We have started filming and one of the most important aspects of the film is the economic impact that the temporary or permanent closure of elevated train stations has had on local businesses. Many times these impacts are negative as in the loss of business due to a station’s closure for repairs and upgrades, but sometimes there are positive impacts in the case of when a business experiences an increase in business as a result of being the next closest station to a closed one.

We are looking for business owners that want to tell their story. If you would like to be interviewed on camera to share your experiences of doing business under or around an elevated train in New York City, please contact me via email.

We are also looking for community leaders, politicians, activists and residents that are also interested in sharing their stories about life with an EL, so please contact me via email.

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WGA Registration number: I307346